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Troy Vollhoffer was born to own and run an international show business — quite literally. Troy’s grandfather stage-managed a vaudeville soft seat theatre in his hometown of Regina, Saskatchewan, and by the time Troy came around, his father, Harold, was managing a brand-new soft-seat theatre in the same city. Troy’s mother, Dorienne, took care of wardrobe and costume tasks at the same theatre, in addition to her day job.

The entertainment business was their life and Troy, the Vollhoffer’s only child, was in the middle of it. By the time he turned 14, Troy was working the load-ins and load-outs, alongside his father and two uncles. It was obvious to everyone at the theatre that one day Troy would be working in some facet of the business and just as it was with his father, it would be his life.

Troy’s other passion was sport, hockey in particular, and after a successful junior career in Canada’s Western Hockey League in the mid-1980s, he pursued a professional career, first signing a four year contract with the Pittsburgh Penguins in 1986, and a one year deal with the Montreal Canadiens. Although he never enjoyed a full season in the National Hockey League, Troy played seven years in the minors, for teams in Baltimore, Flint, New Haven, Muskegon, Winston-Salem and of course, Nashville, before retiring in early 1992.

While other hockey players dedicated their summers to the gym and golf course, Troy returned to Canada to help his father with the fledging family business. Created in the late 1970s, Troy Enterprises was a spotlight company, with assets that included one truck and four spotlights. The company’s main purpose was to provide spotlights to arenas in Saskatchewan and Manitoba for rock and country concerts. It also provided Troy with a summer job.

Troy shared his father’s ability to dream the big picture, but it was his mother who taught him to never lose sight of the details — the value of budgets, investments in equipment and employees and long-term planning in general.

By the early 1990s, the company had grown to include lighting rigs, more spotlights and employees (some of whom remain with Premier Global today.) In the mid-1990s, with hockey behind him, Troy returned to Nashville, a city he had grown to love, to further expand the business. With offices still in Regina, Troy worked the network in America’s Music City with great success. Combining his father’s passion for show business, his mother’s business discipline, and his own competitive spirit, Troy grew the company — now dubbed Premier Global Production to illustrate its far-reaching scope — into the multi-million-dollar enterprise it is today, with clients that include the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rush, Tim McGraw, not to mention several of North America’s largest music

festivals. While many predicted Troy’s future, and indeed it seemed obvious from early childhood, no one imagined it would be so successful, not even Troy himself.

About Us

Premier Global Production offers a wide variety of services within the entertainment industry; including entertainment lighting, festival big steel staging and mobile staging. We are able to design, fabricate and maintain any size of production.

Our offices are located in the heart of Music City, Nashville, TN and across the border in Regina, SK, Canada. Our headquarters is in Nashville and where our extensive and all purpose facility maintain its business. It not only keeps our equipment secure but also provides a place to setup and test your design before arriving at your production site. Our state of the art ESP Vision Studio enables the designer to program and view the design in action virtually and visually before they leave our facility.

Over the years Premier Global has had the opportunity to do lighting, production and staging for a wide range of clients throughout the world. Past concert lighting projects include Backstreet Boys, Bette Midler, Rush, Def Leppard, the Red Hot Chili Peppers and many more. Our event and Television clients include CMT, Warner Bro, the NCAA Basketball tournaments, and the 2004 Inaugural Ball held at the National Building Museum, in Washington, DC.

Premier Global supplies many of the festivals in North America and Mexico with steel staging systems; such as Lollapaloza, Voodoo Music Festival, and Craven Country Jamboree to mention a few. Our staging systems can be found at many state fairs throughout the North American continent such as the TX State Fair and Minnesota State Fair.

Our mobile staging is a great way to produce a show in a matter of hours. Premier Global’s stageline systems arrive and setup virtually anywhere, providing the ultimate advertising and branding for your company.

Premier Global Thanks you for your inquiry and interest in our company. We hope to get an opportunity to provide you with the world’s most innovative equipment and ideas. Our dedication to you is unmatched in this industry and we invite you to experience our services producing your event your way along with our professionalism.

Our Approach

We welcome the challenge of bringing your imaginative and creative deigns to life. Our production team gives careful thought not only to the equipment and its value but all show logistics as well. Premier Global feels that we have assembled a great team to deliver the outstanding and unmatched service you and your event deserves. Our team will ensure quality, professional expertise in all aspects of your production.

Premier Global takes great pride in the fact that we are in the forefront of the industry. We maintain a good working relationships with our manufacturers, distributors and suppliers which enables us to offer you the most modern and innovative equipment available for your production.

Premier Global will provide your event with the best crew available. We feel that you will not find a safer, more courteous, reliable, or prepared crew anywhere. Our production staff is available at all times during the event and preparation of your event.

Premier Global Production provides full work mans Compensation insurance and full liability insurance on all equipment and personnel included in all of our projects and events.

Premier Global Production Company would like to make your creative dream a reality using our professional production services.